No Covers

by Fourth Chameleon

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No Covers, says it all. After years of playing covers bands and hardly getting 'room' to play my own songs, though just as good if not better, I decided to go it alone. Got my own studio, recorded all my own stuff, played all instruments, did all the art work etc. Loved every moment of working on it and sure hope you'll enjoy listening, Erik.


released 05 March 2014



all rights reserved


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Fourth Chameleon New Zealand

I've been in the business for more than 30 years and there's nothing like performing live, except maybe the creative process of recording your originals. So I dived into my studio, worked hard for nearly three year, played all instruments, made the artwork/videos. And here it is. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it. Erik. ... more

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Track Name: Three
The night's still young, you dim the lights, feeling quite alright
You come on strong, it flows like wine, we're in for some delight
All the fantasies we talk about, we know it can be done
I don't care if it's in or out, it's so much fun
So baby go down, down on me. Oh, don't you know, can you see.

The party's on, you catch my eye, nothing more to say
Some guests are gone, it's time to try, wonder who will play
And she agrees, eager to decide, just ad another one
Both aim to please when I come inside, it's so much fun
So ladies get down, down with me. Oh, this time, it's three

We met down town, late at night, something you never tried
Went up and down, I said it's alright, watched you take him deep inside
Sometimes you burn, when he comes around, taking pictures on the run
He takes his turn when you open up, it's so much fun
What you do, with them or me. Oh, sometimes, it's three
Track Name: No moon out
One spooky night in the darkness. No moon out to make it bright.
Blacked out streets, no stars 'a sparkling. Blood runs cold fear takes it's flight.
Footsteps echo from a distance unkind
Disembodied prints appear in virgin snow
All is lost to those running blind
And even the swift are much to slow

One more shift into this nightmare. No moon out to make it bright
Blacked out mind, not one soul would dare,
Cold shivers there's no hope in sight
Whispers drift from sources unknown
Headless voices spin tales into the brain
All is lost as the seed is sown
And even the brave are locked to a chain

One big flash rips through the doom. No moon out to make it bright.
Blacked out eyes, none left in this gloom
Way too cold to put up a fight.
Fingertips creep up and down your spine
Bloodless hands touch cold upon your heart
All is revealed as the nails entwine
And even the truth comes apart
Track Name: No Covers
Well I've been one the road, done all the dives and bars.
Sorta filling in for all those famous stars
Knockin' on heavens bore, this time a funky beat
Got the three chord rock-degree in an endless repeat
I might as well, say go to hell, or sell my gear for I will play no covers.
What about the pay? Sucks anyway.
I tell you now I won't waste my time this way

It's a billion dollar show, the latest fake in fashion.
Why care about the cash, if music is your passion
Put your talent up for grabs, copy, copy note for note
Here's a chance to play for free, make the lyrics clear your throat
(repeat chorus)

So I'll just knuckle down, got nothing to avoid,
But the senseless daily grind, so I'm always unemployed.
Take the tunes from my mind, weigh my words upon a scale
I'm the only one who's sure I will prevail
Just as well, I say go to hell
'n use my gear, 'cause there will be no covers
What about the pay? Who cares anyway
I tell you now, at least I know how to play.
Track Name: April rains
Winter's cold, so cold so lonely
Grey and white, frosty nights
Like my soul, lost the fight
But nothing, no one, anywhere, anyway

April rains, increase my pain
Cats and dogs, clouds and fogs,
Hide my sun, one on one.
But nothing, no one, anywhere, anyway,
Can ever, ever sooth this

Summer heat, so hot so lonely
Every day, gives away,
Promises so they say,
But nothing, no one, anywhere, anyway,
Can ever, ever, stop these April rains.
Track Name: Gothic reggae
Join in and play Gothic reggae, gather 'round and dance
No need to worry, or to bother, put it down to chance
Float where the beat will take you, like being in a trance
The moon is rising it's the hour, to try a little, try a little romance

Warm welcome to the party, out in the fading light
Leave your troubles on the doorstep, groove on through the night
Get on the stand if you're playing, ain't so hard to get it right
The man is tryin' to close it down, but he's just, he's just to tight

Chorus: It's five to midnight, now is the time to get it right
The whole room is swaying, lay down the music, just one more time
Track Name: Swampthing
Running late getting in a state, behind the wheel of my car
Is this my fate, did I take the bait, chasing my tail inside a jar
There's the daily traffic-jam, tension grips my spine
Watching faces of many a lamb, born to the assembly line

Paying bills of my energy spills, dumping the waste of my life
The useless skills and dreams it kills, like stabbing and turning the knife
All I own becomes a ball and chain, like I'm a latter day slave
Though everyone knows they seem insane and even pay for their grave

And work is a Swampthing, green monster in the money-mud
Career is a dumb thing, like when the trap slams shut

What's your task more then some ask, without even knowing my name
There's more in this flask wear this cute mask and the number you became
Social security is an obscurity if you ain't got a job
Monkeys live in a tree, only the rich are free, others just run with the mob

And work is a Swampthin, green monster in the money-mud
The reign of the greed-king comes just before the flood
Track Name: There's a last time for everything
Take what you need, take what you need
Fulfill your dreams, fulfill your dreams
Go for the stars, go for the stars
Get your drinks and bottoms up
'cause there's a last time for everything

Run for your life, run for your life
Sharpen your knife, sharpen your knife
Live by your greed, live by your greed
Cover it up, so nobody knows
'cause there's a last time for everything

Work till your drop, work till you drop
Money like water, money like water
Rich overweight, rich overweight
Don't think twice, the hour is getting late
'cause there's a last time for everything
Track Name: You don't deserve a song
It's been four years give or take a few. I still think I got better thing to do
Why write words that'll never do, not for me but it's too much credit for you
I can remember, but I'd rather not. I still think and that says a lot
I've got words, to say them would be wrong, not for me but
You don't deserve a song (x2)

Here I am. Once again. Wasting time on you, but what else can I do?

It's been so long some one said. I still think it's really not that bad
Why write words, ;bout what I never had. At least you can take credit for that
So I've been doubting about what I do. I've been thinking still don't know what is true
But I know, whatever else is wrong. Not for me, but
You don't deserve a song etc, etc.
Track Name: No time to waste
When you wind up empty handed, spent the last of your stash
You'll find there's no time to waste, no time to waste on cash

And you earn it by hard labour, feeling like some kinda jerk
You'll find there's no time to waste, no time to waste on work

Desperately looking for that woman, just like the one you're dreaming of
You'll find there's no time to waste, no time to waste on love

Well you wake up every morning, going through the trouble and strife
You'll find there's no time to waste like the time you waste on life